How to Shave Your Pubic Hair – The Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair

by Ethan Steele

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of shaving your pubic hair would be? Like many guys, you’re probably rocking an unkempt bush down there. While the ladies won’t usually complain about this, they appreciate a shaved bush on their man and they will be eager to show you just how much they appreciate it. Well trimmed pubes are more hygienic, a big bush collects sweat and dead skin throughout the day which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria which give that gnarly crotch smell. Without a big mass of smelly pubes, your dates will be far more likely to go down on you and spend more time going down on you because it’s so much more pleasant for them.

Women enjoy a man who grooms. If you don’t dress like a dirty hippy, there’s no reason for your crotch to look like it belongs in the Grateful Dead. The way you dress and groom yourself is how you present yourself to the world, and the way you groom your crotch is how you present your sexual self. Only a sloppy lover should have a sloppy crotch. And don’t forget, the best way to convince your girlfriend to trim her bush is to lead by example.

Here’s how to go about shaving your pubes. First, forget the razor, you don’t want to cut yourself and the goal isn’t a full Brazilian, you actually only want to trim your pubic hair. Don’t try to mimic the porn stars, real women tend to enjoy seeing that you have some pubic hair, otherwise you’ll look like you’ve yet to hit puberty. A good rule of thumb is to find an electric shaver that you can set to cut your hair down to a half inch (1cm). You don’t even need some expensive pubic shaver, a beard trimmer will work just fine. Take care of the pubic region and don’t forget to trim that hair on your scrotum too.

Remember to keep this a secret and let her find out that you’ve groomed all by herself in the heat of the moment. This will excite her much more. Especially when she sees that it makes your dick look bigger. Yep, having an enormous bush is a lose-lose situation, not only is it smelly and unhygienic, but it also makes your dick look smaller hiding beneath that amazonian rain forest you’ve got going on down there.

But the very best part about a well groomed crotch is that it puts you in the mindset of expecting success, which will boost your confidence and success rate.

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