Crazy Sex Positions She Will Always Try

by Ethan Steele

Do you want to learn some crazy sex positions that she will always try?

Many men end up sticking to the same rote sex positions for their entire relationships, but they may not consider that there are many saws to pleasure her.

So why not have fun with crazy sex positions every once in a while. It will feel good and you may be able to sit down or lay down in ways that you never thoughts possible.

Here are some sex positions that will stimulate her and pleasure her.
Crouching dog

This is a yoga position that many women will be familiar with that can be altered to be a great sex position that hits her G-spot.

Basically this is a standing position where the woman bends over so that her hands touch the ground and her but sticks up. Her legs should be straight so that she is forming an upside down v shape.

You can then enter then her from behind. This creates variety to your ordinary doggy style positioning a way that will feel good to her. And if she loves yoga she will love this position.

Double lie down

This crazy sex position begins with you entering you as she sits down and you lay down. As she rides you, you want to push her torso back so that your backs both lay down.

As she falls back you want to put your arms over her legs and hold her waist to keep your dick inside her. You then continue to enter her by pulling her in with your arms and using your legs to support you.  You will enter her with a slightly forward and slightly lifting motion.

This changes the positions so that you hit her g spot more easily and it naturally provides her with some clitoral stimulation If you want a crazier position, you can even lift your legs to create a small arch while you are entering her. She will love this position.

This crazy sex positions also allows her to stimulate her clitoris while you are doing this which can pleasure her more than normal. If you want you can also rub her clitoris to create the same effect.


In this crazy sex position, you start off doing doggy style. You want to widen your legs a little and make sure that her legs are outside yours.

Then you want to grab her thighs and hold them with your arms. You then enter her by pulling her legs towards you.

This crazy position does take more balance than normal but it will pleasure her when she finally gets the hang of it.

Try these crazy sex positions to add some spice to your sex life and to pleasure her with more orgasms.

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