Sex Positions She Will Love and Never Forget!

by Ethan Steele

Not all sex positions are created equal. Some sex positions give a woman greater stimulation and intense sexual pleasure. By knowing how to do these quick sex positions your woman will find you arousing and she won’t forget you. Here you learn learn sex positions that will have her in pressed position, legs bent, opened position and even rear entry position. Try these sex positions tonight!

Head Down Legs Up!
Have her lie on the ground and lift her legs up as high as they can go so they are perpendicular to the floor. Then grab her legs and get on your knees and enter her. Bring her knees to your shoulders and pound away. Slowly grab her hips for greater control and thrust action!

Dangle Missionary Position
Have the girl get on her back at the foot of the bed and have her lean her head back. Then get on top of her missionary style and thurst into her. As you thrust she will slowly slide of the bed and her head, shoulders and arms will be on the floor as you thrust into her giving her orgasmic pleasure!

The Pressed Position
In this position, the woman rests her legs on the man’s shoulders as he bends them towards her chest. The man then enters her as pushes his legs forward for balances. Her vagina gets smaller and you can stimulate more of it with your penis. If you have a short penis try this out!

Hot Tub Sex
If you want to get kinky in the hot tub then sii on the bench with your knees bent. And leave your arms relaxed on the outside of the tub. Then have your girl get on top of you and she will face you, and lean towards you as she sits on your penis. Then she will straddle you and make you go wild!

Try these sex positions to pleasure her tonight and she will be begging for more!

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